Standardised Assessment loans for professionals


As an Independent Occupational Therapist, I don’t have the normal access to equipment such as Standardised Assessments that my fellow OTs in Statutory Services may have.  Therefore, I recognised that to invest in my business and my ability to provide reliable assessments and reports, I needed to find a way to have access to these kits myself.

I am therefore the proud owner of several Standardised Assessments and am able to loan these out to Occupational Therapists locally, who may have found themselves in a similar position to myself.

There is a loan agreement that must be signed in person and there is a small hire charge, as well as a charge for the consumables (such as forms).  The hirer is responsible for collection and return (Bridgend), although I am on the road a lot along the South Wales M4 Corridor and often able to meet people.  The hirer is responsible for the full kit and any loss/damage or misuse.

If a hirer needs standalone forms rather than forms plus manual for example for the Sensory Processing Measure, I can post these at cost.

Assessments Available for Loan

  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (all items required to complete assessment and score electronically)
  • Sensory Processing Measure (home form, school form and additional environments CD)
  • Sensory Processing Measure – Preschool ages 2-5 (home form and pre-school form)
  • Spiral Foundation Adult/Adolescent Sensory History (Self-Report Questionnaire, Caregiver Questionnaire, Manual and Scoring Software)
  • Developmental Test of Visual Perception (3rd Edition) 
  • Movement Assessment Battery for Children (2nd Edition) (all items required to complete assessment and score)
  • The Roll Evaluation of Activities of Life (The REAL) 
  • Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH) 

“I’d like to loan an Assessment!”

Please Contact Me and I can check if I have the Assessment available and discuss prices, dates, etc.

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