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Thank you so much

Thank you so much, you really have helped me so much already. I’m so grateful for your help and finding someone that understands what ***** goes through is a big help to me and I will see you soon. I was giving up before I got in contact with you and you’ve made me realise that I can get through it no matter how hard it can be at times there is support there. I know it will never be a quick fix but any help is better than no help and I’ve struggled for so many years.

Great advice

I contacted Bryher for some OT help for my 15 year old son. Although she could not help us in the end as we were too far away, she went out of her way to send me advice and resources to help. If only I could find someone like Bryher near us….!

Amazing support for home educators

Bryher is a very good friend of mine and my go to for support and questions over my autistic son and his quirks.

Her knowledge is excellent and her support and acceptance of our unschooling means there is a level of trust between it is hard to find with mainstream service providers.

Thank you Bryher.


Amazing OT! Highly experienced with autistic children. Very kind and caring lady who genuinely wants to help.

Very reliable, professional and excellent communication.

Highly recommend this service which has helped our family with my son’s sensory issues.

Please feel free to Contact Me to discuss my experience and how I can help you and your family or take a look at the Services that I can offer.

"House House" the tactile, weighted hedgehog with young child
"House House" the tactile, weighted hedgehog. Bought for my work, adopted by my children...its ok though, I've borrowed lots of their toys too!
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