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From the many years that I have been working with children and young adults, I have built up a wide set of skills which I can use to address the majority of functional difficulties that my clients may be facing. I also have two young children of my own, and my own experience of parenting helps me to understand some of the challenges of raising children! For more information on Occupational Therapy for Children and Young People please click here.

I am able to provide Occupational Therapy Assessments which will identify the child or young person’s strengths and weaknesses and help to form goals of skill areas to work on. These assessments can be useful for families, but also for schools and can be used as part of the Additional Learning Needs assessment process. I have built a range of assessment options with different costs with an aim to be affordable but also to meet the needs of each individual child or family. Assessments are normally completed in the family home or in schools if required. If you would like to make a Referral for an OT Assessment, please Contact Me with a summary of the issues that you are experiencing and I will be able to recommend which assessment will be appropriate.

If required, I have access to a wide range of standardised assessments and checklists including the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT), Movement Assessment Battery for Children (Movement ABC2), the DASH (Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting), The Roll Evaluation of Activities of Living (The REAL), The Detailed Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (DTVPS) and the Sensory Processing Measure (preschool and child).

As it is beneficial to observe children in multiple environments, where possible, I appreciate the opportunity to also see children at school.

Following the assessment, I will provide a report with recommendations that can be followed by your family, school, etc. Reports can be written for Tribunal if required and I am able to attend Tribunals. If necessary, I may recommend further assessments (such as some of the standardised assessments listed above). After this, I can offer ongoing advice or if required, blocks of treatment to target specific areas of functional need, which would be agreed with your family.

I am also able to provide group therapy programmes, locum style OT cover and bespoke training for parents and educators. Please Contact Me if any of these services are of interest to you.

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